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Dr. Paul Cutarelli’s patients are delighted with the results of their LASIK eye surgery. However, like any other medical procedure, there are risks involved. That’s why Dr. Cutarelli feels it is important for you to understand the limitations and possible complications of LASIK eye surgery.

How to choose a LASIK surgeon in Colorado.

Dr. Paul Cutarelli explains that before undergoing any refractive procedure, you should carefully weigh the risks and benefits based on your own personal value system, and try to avoid being influenced by friends that have had the procedure or doctors encouraging you to do so.

Dr. Paul Cutarelli also suggests being cautious about “slick” advertising and/or deals that sound “too good to be true.” Remember, they usually are. There is a lot of competition resulting in a great deal of advertising and bidding for your business. Do your homework and find the best LASIK eye surgeon, one that is Board Certified, Fellowship Trained and has verifiable excellent results. We invite you to call Dr. Cutarelli’s office and schedule your free, no-obligation LASIK consultation. Find out if LASIK is right for you!

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